Why you should contact an attorney immediately after an accident

After you’ve been injured in a car accident, your first priority should be getting the medical attention you need and taking care of yourself. But as soon as you have the opportunity, you should also reach out to a personal injury attorney to represent you in your accident claim and in your negotiations with insurance companies.

It is important to remember that insurance adjusters don’t work for you – they work for the insurance company. Their job is not to maximize your compensation, but to save the insurer some money. Therefore, in their recorded interviews with you they will ask questions that may be used against you in the future to minimize the value of your claim. Their original offers will also be generally lower than what you may actually be able to get with an experienced negotiator at your side.

A personal injury attorney has your interests in mind

This is why it’s crucial to have a personal injury attorney when you’ve been injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence. Unlike the insurance adjuster, your attorney operates with your best interests in mind. They will advocate for you throughout the entire claims process, from the initial conversations with the insurance company through the negotiations of your final settlement figure, and will represent you in court if a lawsuit is necessary.

This is a role you cannot expect to reasonably fill yourself. You have your recovery and your personal life to focus on. Accident attorneys also have years of training and experience that has given them a vast knowledge of this area of law that they can use to their advantage in insurance negotiations.

Your attorney will know how to obtain the evidence you need to support your case, including medical records, police reports, lost wages, employment status information and witness statements from the scene of the accident. With that evidence in hand, they will be able to build a case and prepare a settlement demand letter that lets the insurance adjusters know you are prepared to negotiate a settlement that is more appropriate for your circumstances than the initial offer they might float your way.

Skilled attorneys will also be able to keep you comfortable throughout the case, explaining your rights to you and preventing you from falling victim to adjusters who negotiate in bad faith.

When to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney

Not every auto accident will result in claims that require the assistance of a personal injury attorney. But you should absolutely get an attorney’s help in any of the following circumstances:

  • The accident resulted in serious injuries (requiring hospitalization), permanent effects (such as paralysis or disfigurement) or death
  • There is a clear at-fault party who caused the accident
  • There were multiple parties involved, including other drivers or pedestrians
  • You have low limits on your own liability insurance
  • The police report provides vague, unhelpful information
  • There are unusual aspects of your case that require technical, legal or medical knowledge
  • You believe you are being lowballed by your insurance company
  • You are unable or unwilling to go through the claims process on your own

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits that come with working with a personal injury attorney after suffering injuries in an auto accident, contact our firm today with any questions you have for us.