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Dangerous Roads Ahead

After you’ve been in an accident, it can be tricky navigating what to do. Having the wrong lawyer can injure you all over again.

We fight the insurance companies while you focus on recovery.

It only takes a moment for a negligent driver to completely change your life. And it’s hard enough to deal with pain and suffering, medical costs and property damage without also fighting an insurance company determined to pay as little as possible.

Let us take on that fight, while you work on rebuilding your health and your life. When you join the Bond Legal family you’ll find yourself with a powerful ally who always makes time to talk to you, whether you have questions about your case or just need the reassurance of a real person that cares.


Protecting riders for over 15 years

Insurers like to paint motorcyclists in a negative light in order to reduce payouts. We know better. Bond Legal has a wealth of experience going against the nation’s largest insurance companies and corporations, making them pay for everything that a negligent driver has taken from you.

We have the experience and resources to protect your rights and your family from high medical bills and insurance costs – and the compassion to make it our job to help you heal.

An accident can seriously impact many areas of your life

Because a motorcycle offers scant protection against a two-ton passenger vehicle, accidents can result in unusually severe injuries. And the trauma often goes beyond broken bones and organ damage. Head injuries can create problems down the road, impacting your ability to work and function day-to-day. The psychological toll can also be devastating.

When the insurance company offers a settlement, all the long-term effects need to be brought to light, addressed and compensated. That’s what we do for you.

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