Improve your chances of being successful with a personal injury claim

With personal injury claims, we often hear this question from the plaintiffs we represent – What should I do to make sure I am fairly compensated for my injury? Thankfully, they have already done what’s most important, but there are other important steps.

It’s most important to talk to a personal injury attorney as early in the process as possible. It is best to communicate with your attorney before making statements to representatives from an insurance company. Making statements without consultation with an attorney may put in jeopardy your ability to recover compensation for damages. Let an experienced attorney communicate with the insurance companies.

To obtain full compensation, you should be sure to document your injury. Spend some time thinking about the incident. Write down what you remember and keep any names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone who may have observed the accident. If you are able to, obtain photographic evidence.

Your injury needs to be corroborated by a professional with experience in the area. Meaning, someone like a doctor needs to identify and detail your injury. If you were in a traffic accident, contact the police. If you need to go to the hospital, take an ambulance to ensure you get the proper treatment as quickly as possible and that emergency medical technicians document your injuries.

Without the assistance of these types of professionals who can verify your injuries, you are then at a disadvantage – or at least a weakened position – with insurance companies. And, if your case goes to trial, you may not be able to adequately prove fault on the part of the defendant to a jury.

Follow your doctor’s orders and don’t skip the follow-up visits. In order for the insurance company to take your injuries seriously, you must take your own injuries seriously and do what is necessary to get better.