A firestorm to get justice

A distracted driver killed a bicyclist and fled the scene in Georgia.Within 24 hours police had arrested a suspect using traffic cameras,eyewitness testimony and intergovernmental cooperation.

A civil case is very different from a criminal case in a number of ways and its own separate action. The family hired me, a member of the Bond Legal network of attorneys, to pursue justice for their tragic loss. Bond Legal provides its member law firms across the US with the strength, expertise and resources of a national firm that are needed for representing clients in negotiation and litigation.

I confronted the defendant with a firestorm of evidence-gathering tactics to quickly preserve the facts that were necessary to obtain full justice for this family. Evidence was discovered that the driver had an extensive criminal history, including a prior hit-and-run accident. The driver was also in a company car at the time. In addition, the employer had failed to do a background check, which allowed this unsafe driver to be on the roads. Through relentless and exhaustive gathering of this evidence as well as an expertly crafted pre-litigation settlement proposal, I was able to secure payment of multiple stacked insurance policy limits of $6 million within just five weeks from the date of the crash. Nothing can replace this family’s tragic loss, but hopefully I – along with Bond Legal – was able to help them their exercise rights and what they are entitled to by law.

– Kyle Moore