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Woman Killed in Sacramento Freak Accident After Car Rolls Backward on Top of Her

Broken Down Vehicle Suddenly Rolls Backward, Killing Victim

Woman Killed in Sacramento Freak Accident After Car Rolls Backward on Top of HerSACRAMENTO (April 29th, 2019)

A woman died in a tragic freak accident after both she and a companion tried pushing their disabled vehicle up an off-ramp on Highway 99.

Officials have reported that the two woman had been traveling along Highway 99 before experiencing mechanical issues with their vehicle at about 4 a.m. near the Fruitridge Road exit off-ramp.

Victim Identified as 20-Year-Old Woman

While the vehicle remained stalled and undriveable, the two women attempted to push the vehicle before it suddenly began to roll backward ultimately striking the victim only being identified as a 20-year-old.

The force of the vehicle sadly left young woman with fatal injuries as she was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials confirmed that the victim's friend, who also remains unidentified, was fortunately uninjured.

No additional details have been provided at this time as the investigation is pending.

Deadly Highway 99 Freak Accident Investigation 

Based on this news report, there are still many unanswered questions at this time. Officials and auto mechanical experts will thoroughly examine potential contributing factors such as whether or not the girls applied the vehicle's parking brake. If the vehicle's parking brake was applied, what was the condition of the parking brake? Was it a newer vehicle with a malfunctioned parking brake or could the brake itself have been worn out or stretched? Did the parking brake not work or function at all? Was the the cable loose or did it snap snap disabling the parking brake? These potential contributing factors, as well as many others, will be investigated in order to determine and piece together what happened.

Pending the investigation of this incident, the family of the victim may be entitled to a wrongful death lawsuit, where they may receive monetary compensation for damages which would include funeral costs and loss of companionship.

Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer

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