Sometimes you have to fight

I am a proud first-generation citizen of this country.  My parents, both survivors of the Holocaust, came here after the war, with no money, skills or education and not speaking the language.  They were like a lot of the immigrants then, and now.  Hard-working, decent people, who came to this country in order to build a better life for themselves and their kids. And they did. I had all the things they didn’t when they were children – food to eat, a safe home and an education. I appreciated how lucky I was, they made sure of that, but their lessons didn’t stop there.

My parents also taught me about the obligation to help and protect those in need.  That’s exactly what we do here at BSG.  When someone gets hurt because of someone else’s negligence, facing medical bills and missed work, we help them.  We also protect them, from the insurance companies and others that want to get them to settle on the cheap, rather than for what they need and deserve.

We fight hard for our clients.  It’s what our clients’ need and deserve.  It’s also how those responsible for causing the harm our clients have suffered are held accountable.  I am proud to be part of that fight because it honors the sacrifices my parents made for me.

Gabe Miller