Protecting clients from large corporations

I’ll never forget it. I was defending my client during her deposition, a sweet lady in her golden years and the attorney for the corporate defendant changed her tone. The change was designed to rattle my client and shift the blame away from the corporation.

Even though we should have never been there, and this “accident” could have been completely avoided with some basic safety precautions- this corporation and their lawyer began to completely badger my client. Injustice was starting to creep into the case, and I knew then what I had to do.

The corporation tried to blame my client for what they had done. Until the jury came back with a resounding multi-million-dollar verdict, the lawyers and their corporate clients wouldn’t listen. They continued to blame everything on my client. I realized then that my job was not to simply win money for a client – which we did- but it was to protect those who didn’t have a voice. To stand up and for the people who needed a warrior on their side.

Since then, my practice has always been to fight hard for my client, no matter how big the person or company on the other side. It’s so gratifying to help someone achieve justice, and it is what I strive for every day, with every client.

– Stefano Formica