Thousands of riders suffer serious injuries each year in motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles. The majority of these result from a car or truck hitting a motorcycle head on — challenging even the most hardened and experienced riders with significant medical expenses.

The proven legal team at Bond Sanchez-Gordon knows firsthand that the likelihood of becoming injured in a motorcycle accident remains extremely high. Ninety eight percent of multiple vehicle collisions and ninety six percent of single vehicle accidents resulted in an injury to the motorcycle rider— with forty five percent resulting in more than a minor injury.

If you are one of these unlucky victims, it is imperative you get all the details of your case together quickly, so you’re able to get professional legal advice promptly. A lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents can help you recover damages to help pay for medical care, lost income and other related expenses, in cases where the other driver failed to follow the rules of the road.

Very satisfied with the way my attorney handled my case. No one enjoys being involved in a car accident. I just wanted my car fixed asap, my injuries slowed my life down. Even calling in to have my questions answered by the receptionist was reassuring. Thanks to Bond Sanchez-Gordon, they took care of everything for me.

Daniel Johnson

Our attorneys specialize in handling most motorcycle accidents claims, including:

  • Failing to adhere to driving laws
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving distracted from texting, phone use or GPS
  • Blind spots due to not using mirrors
  • Tailgating, failing to signal, changing lanes unexpectedly
  • Permit problems such as expired registration, inspection, or driver’s license
  • Failing to properly maintain, fix or replace faulty or damaged parts (tires or signal lights)
  • Installing or failing to replace parts that have been recalled or have known problems

Our experienced legal team specializes in using the precise application of the law to positively influence the amount of your settlement. Keep in mind there is a limited amount of time to talk with a lawyer, gather all the relevant facts and evidence for your case, and file a claim. Don’t put the future of your health and finances in jeopardy by delaying.

Bond Sanchez-Gordon offers quality legal services supported by over 40 years of successfully advocating clients. Our journey together begins with a thoughtful, transparent, honest and realistic review of the case, along with what we believe is the best course of action. This initial assessment is free of charge, and we know you will find it valuable.

We also give our advice promptly, so you have as much time as possible to make a decision on the next steps in fighting your case. When the toughest part of the process begins, we will be there at your side. We have broad experience in the critical areas necessary to win; negotiating mediating, arbitrating and trial. We’ll do what it takes to bring you results because we believe every case we take merits justice.             

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