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Man Killed by Drunk Driver in Desert Springs Accident on Mountain Lakes Boulevard

76-Year-Old Man Killed by Drunk Driver

Man Killed by Drunk Driver in Desert Springs Accident on Mountain Lakes BoulevardDESERT HOT SPRINGS (April 24th, 2019) A 76-year-old Desert Hot Springs man was killed Thursday evening by a drunk driver as he crossed an intersection.

Authorities were notified of the collision which occurred at 6:30 p.m. at Mission Lakes Boulevard and West Drive.

Officials have determined that a woman identified as Rebecca Goehner had been behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang. As she approached the intersection she failed to stop at a four-way stop hitting the elderly Desert Springs man.

Goehner’s vehicle tragically left the male victim with fatal injuries as he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rebecca Goehner Arrested for DUI

Following the collision, Desert Hot Springs authorities determined Goehner to have been under the influence. She was subseqently arrested and taken to Smith Correctional Facility located in the city of Banning. Goehner will face charges which include driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter.

No additional information has been disclosed as this story will be updated pending the reveal of the victim’s name.

DUI Collision Investigation

Authorities have arrested and will hold Rebecca Goehner fully responsible after being confirmed to have been under the influence while operating a vehicle. Although her bail was set at $90,000, Goehner faces significant criminal charges which will likely keep her jailed for an extensive duration of time.

With liability being determined, the family of the victim will be subject to pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death family members are subject to compensation for funeral costs and loss of companionship.

Desert Hot Springs Wrongful Death Lawyer

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