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Johnny Hartfield Hesperia Accident With Tractor Trailer on I-15 North

Victorville Man Identified as Victim

Johnny Hartfield Hesperia Accident With Tractor Trailer on I-15 NorthHESPERIA (April 9th, 2019)

Officials have identified a Victorville man as the victim fatally injured in a collision Tuesday afternoon on I-15 north.

California Highway Patrol officials responded to the crash site which transpired at roughly 1:09 p.m. involving a vehicle and a tractor trailer.

Limited details have been provided, however, it has been confirmed that Johnny Lee Hartfield had been the driver of a vehicle that collided with a tractor trailer.

Victim Pronounced at Arrowhead Regional Med Center

The crash left Hartfield with grave injuries for which he was rushed to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. He sadly died of his injuries at the hospital.

No injuries were suffered by the tractor trailer driver who remained present at the scene.

An ongoing investigation is currently being performed by CHP.

Fatal Collision Investigation

Following any traffic accident, investigators conduct a full examination of what happened looking into possible factors such as speed, were there mechanical issues with any of the involved vehicles, were any of the drivers distracted, was the tractor trailer parked off to the side of the freeway or maneuvering safely, were any parties driving under the influence, as well as many others. While liability and the circumstances for this crash itself remain unclear, those not found at-fault are entitled to file a lawsuit against the defendant.

Pending the results of the investigation, family members of Johnny Hartfield may be entitled to explore a wrongful death claim for which they are able to receive financial compensation for funeral costs and loss of companionship.

Victorville Wrongful Death Attorney

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