How an attorney pursues a personal injury claim

We know the question will come up in your mind. Do I really need an attorney?

You’ve just been in an accident. It’s a simple case. Everyone knows who is at fault, right? Do I really need to hire an attorney to settle my injury claim? Do I need someone to negotiate for me or can I do it myself and save the fees for the attorney?

We understand your questions. Some of us want to do everything ourselves, whatever the project may be. But, some things in life are not do-it-yourself projects.

There are times when enlisting the help of a professional will help you achieve the desired outcome, whether it is hiring a mechanic to install a new set of brakes on your car so you know you will stop when you want to or hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to get the maximum award for your injury claim. In either case, the argument can be made that hiring a professional is the best choice to achieve the desired outcome.

Many times, “simple” cases become very complex. Handling personal injury claims often requires the knowledge and understanding of both the law and healthcare.

An attorney helps in the development of a strategy for your individual case and identifies the party responsible for the injury. He or she investigates the incident or incidents that led to your injury. They speak with experts and meet with witnesses to gain a full understanding and build a case for you to make sure your rights are represented.

Your personal injury attorney will communicate with the defendant’s attorneys and engage in fact finding. They negotiate with insurance company attorneys, who can be ruthless. They determine the appropriate claim and make a demand for compensation from the defendant. An attorney will work toward a settlement and, if settlement isn’t likely, the attorney will file a lawsuit.

Attorneys attend mediation as needed; and, if a trial is necessary, they prepare and are ready to fight in court for you.

To receive a fair and reasonable settlement,

Don’t make your case a DIY project. Avoid the missteps that would diminish the value of your case. You deserve the best. Hire a skilled attorney.