There are many reasons why a driver might be at fault in an auto accident — such as texting or using a cell phone, careless or reckless driving, negligence or a failure to heed traffic signals.

Regardless of the unique circumstances which caused your auto accident, the experienced attorneys at Bond Sanchez-Gordon specialize in helping auto accident victims fight for the justice — and compensation — they deserve.

The professionals at Bond Sanchez-Gordon made sure I got the compensation I deserved. I’ve been driving for over 25 years and never been in an accident before. When my son got into his accident the office of Bond Sanchez-Gordon were the first name to pop up in my search bar. Coincidentally, the following week I was backed into at the gas station. Thats just to show you that you never know when your going to get into an accident. I’m just grateful I had Bond Sanchez-Gordon on my side.

Brandon Delong

If you were injured in an auto accident, please take these steps right away:

  1. Get checked out by your regular health care professional
  2. Call your insurance company to notify them of the accident
  3. Contact an attorney who can review your case and advise you about your options

Any kind of bodily injury is painful and stressful, but auto accidents have the potential to magnify both. Common accident injuries include whiplash, concussions, bone fractures and soft tissue damage, including strains and sprains. Some of these injuries are felt immediately; however, it often takes time for the adrenaline to wear off and harm to the body to reveal itself.

Treatment for injuries from an auto collision may include medicines to reduce pain and muscle spasms, manual therapy techniques to restore mobility, exercises to improve flexibility and strength, education regarding aggravating factors and neuromuscular re-education.

They can also be much more devastating in scope or treatment. Some carry the possibility of permanent disability or death. The lucky few who walk away with no damage to themselves or their car but most do not. 

If you have been injured in an auto accident, please contact a lawyer for legal advice.  You may be facing substantial medical bills or auto damages and will need help deciding what steps to take.

We offer quality legal services supported by over 40 years of successfully advocating for our auto accident clients. We begin by providing a thoughtful, transparent, honest and realistic review of your case, along with recommending your best course of action. This initial assessment is free of charge, and we think you will find it valuable.

We also give our advice promptly, so you have as much time as possible to make a decision on the next steps in meeting your deadline. Our attorneys get results for auto accident clients. When the toughest part of the process begins, we will be there at your side. We win because we put the concerns of our clients first. We stand up for them when they can’t. We will do the same for you.

For more information about auto accidents from the expert attorneys at Bond Sanchez-Gordon, please contact us here or call our office directly at 800.471.0314.