Coping with the loss of someone you love is hard enough, but when it’s due to the carelessness of an individual or corporation, it’s even harder. Surviving this kind of traumatic experience is even more difficult when you’re also trying to claim compensation from the responsible party.

If you are at this stage in your healing journey, it is urgent to work with an experienced wrongful death attorney who will review your case and give you an opinion on where you stand.  You have a right to compensation, and the right legal advice is the difference between successfully getting what you deserve or having to settle for less. 

When you bring your case to Bond Sanchez-Gordon, we scrutinize the facts of your case so we have a complete assessment of whether or not you should move forward with a civil claim. We’ll discuss each detail with you extensively, so you’re able to reach the right conclusion.

This office was great to me. Showed concern to my injuries and healing. Made sure I got everything I needed and quick! The car accident I was in was able to settle pretty quick. I’m glad Bond Sanchez-Gordon took care of me the way the did. I recommend this office to anyone who’s been injured in an accident.

Lisa Lee

When a person is killed due to the negligence of an individual or corporation, the surviving family members are entitled to compensation. Action taken to court is for a wrongful death and is a civil case. This kind of claim is different than one seeking damages from an accident.

The type of lawsuit is defined by who pursues the charges.  In criminal cases, the government determines the charges under criminal law. In a civil suit, the case is between individuals and organizations.

In the case of the government, it has the power to hand down jail time, monetary damages and other penalties. Civil cases are typically only for money damages.

No, there are differences among state laws. Some won’t allow certain types of awards for damages. Others may impose various statutes of limitation. Therefore, it is critical to work with legal expertise. 

Civil cases for wrongful death can be enormously complex and time-consuming – even when you know the law. Many cases like this take years of preparing legwork through discovery before getting to litigation.

If your state is one where pain and suffering are allowed, you may do so. Keep in mind, each state is different, and it’s highly recommended to have your case reviewed by an attorney who has broad experience in this kind of lawsuit. 

You have a right to compensation, and legal advice will help get you what you deserve.  Don’t take chances or the wrong information from someone who isn’t knowledgeable about these kinds of court cases. Each claim is different from any other, and it’s the unique facts of your case that will determine the best course of action.

Murder is a criminal act and is therefore prosecuted by the state under criminal laws. Besides monetary damages, jail time and other penalties may be imposed if the individual is found guilty.

Wrongful death is prosecuted in the civil courts, with ‘a preponderance of the evidence’ used to prove the facts of the case. Medical malpractice is a type of negligent behavior on the part of medical professionals.

However, not every medical malpractice case qualifies as a wrongful death case, and not all wrongful death cases qualify as medical malpractice.

There really is no limit on the type of injury specific to a wrongful death claim. It can be an outcome of any kind of personal injury. What determines the viability are the facts of the case supporting negligence. 

That said, some of the most familiar types are:

  • A victim of a murder. OJ Simpson is perhaps the most recognized example of this kind of case. He was sued by the families of the victims, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, for their intentional deaths.
  • Death as a result of medical malpractice. Again, most are familiar with situations where a doctor failed to diagnose a condition or was negligent in the care of a patient who died. A wrongful death lawsuit is likely brought against the physician in these cases. 
  • Auto accident fatalities involving negligence. If the victim died as a result of driver negligence or if mechanical failures contributed to the accident that caused it, there may be a case for wrongful death. Talk with an attorney immediately if you believe this is your situation.

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