Casey Jolly Baker Accident Involving Tractor Trailer on I-15 South

Casey Jolly Baker Accident Involving Tractor Trailer on I-15 SouthTemecula Man, 42, Fatally Injured in Collision With Tractor Trailer

BAKER (April 6th, 2019)

Casey Jolly, 42, was killed on Saturday when he was hit by a tractor trailer on the 15 Freeway outside of Afton Canyon.

The accident occurred at approximately 4:38 p.m. Jolly, a Temecula resident, was hit in the southbound lanes of the highway.

Jolly was tragically pronounced dead at the scene. T

No specific details have been released at this time as California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Fatal Collision Investigation

Following any traffic accident, investigators conduct a full examination of what happened looking into possible factors such as speed, was there mechanical issues with any of the involved vehicles, were any of the drivers distracted, were any parties driving under the influence, as well as many others. While liability and the circumstances for this crash itself remain unclear, those not found at-fault are entitled to file a lawsuit against the defendant.

Temecula Wrongful Death Lawyer

Following an auto accident, it is important that victims of a collision contact an attorney as soon as possible. Bond & Taylor is available to provide guidance and legal counseling, and can be reached at 833-266-3534.