Recovering Property Damages After An Auto Accident

When you are involved in an auto accident, both your vehicle and your body suffer.

Often, additional property damage occurs, usually involving personal possessions inside the vehicle or surrounding property near the collision. When an auto accident produces this type of damage, you often can pursue compensation through a property damage claim.

When attempting to recover property damage expenses, it’s best to start with what it will take to get your car back in shape. You’ll want to keep records of any bills if you’re planning to get it repaired right away. Sometimes using insurance makes the most sense; sometimes it does not.

If your car suffered substantial damage, compensation for a decline in its value might be available. At a minimum, an estimate from a local auto dealer is required to determine the amount of compensation. Widely recognized third party valuation sources, such as the NADA Guide and the Kelly Blue Book, can also provide support for a claim.

Finally, if any personal items in the car at the time of the accident were damaged, you may be able to recover the current costs of those articles in a property claim. Gather any records detailing original purchases and other notes about each item to help get the most accurate compensation amount.

This kind of claim typically is handled separately from a bodily injury or wrongful death claim. As in the case of personal injury, the more complicated the application and determination of fault, the more likely reimbursement of expenses will be difficult to settle to your satisfaction.  Getting legal advice on how to manage the process of receiving all of the money owed to you can accelerate the process.

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